Rest Assured Elegance Pillow Top Mattress | Queen - 152cm Queen Mattress Rest Assured -Ascot-Beds-And-Furniture

    Rest Assured Elegance Pillow Top Mattress | Queen - 152cm

    R 7,380.00

      A durable and comfortable mattress

      The spring unit is constructed using the classic Bonnell hourglass shape. This ensures equal distribution of tension throughout the entire spring unit, while each coil is double-knotted, top and bottom to increase strength and durability.


      No turn quality mattress

      A firm, reconstituted foam, high-density foam, and fiber make up the sleep surface area and provide a luxurious feel and together with a soft touch pillow top, provide a luxurious feel.


      Double-tempered coils for extra durability

      These coils are more durable than non-tempered coils and offer more stable support for the heavier weight. This unit is perfect for persons with a larger build or those who require firm support.

       Six-turn coils for classic comfort

      The 6-turn coil has 33% more working wire than a 5-turn. This allows more support and interaction with the body, thus alleviating pain in your joints.


      Luxurious fillings for a deep and restful night?s sleep

      The mattress is upholstered in a soft touch knitted ticking and micro quilted fiber and foam. For additional comfort, there is a secondary memory foam layer providing optimum support.


      Hygienic & Non-Toxic

      The foam used in every Rest Assured mattress is made to be completely stable, non-toxic and hygienic.


      Product Highlights:

      • Available in all sizes
      • Available for Delivery.
      • Estimated Delivery Time 2 to 5 working days.
      • 120kg weight per person.
      • Hygienic & Allergy Free.
      • 2-year guarantee
      • 15-year service warranty.