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    Posture Rest Pillow Top Single Mattress [91cm] - Standard Length

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    Perfect for the Following Sleeping Styles:

    • Back Sleeper
    • Stomach Sleeper
    • Side Sleeper

    Introducing the comfy Posture Sleep Pillow Top! While this mattress is firm enough to provide superb support it is soft enough to be comfortable.

    The Posture Sleep Pillow Top Double or Queen bed provides the best of both worlds. Thanks to the support it gives, it is usually perfect for spine positioning if you are a back- or side sleeper. Also, stomach sleepers will discover this mattress is soft and comfy enough.

    This double or queen bed is suitable for guesthouses, hotels and the main bedroom. Moreover that It is suitable for children and young adults bedrooms as well. It can support up to 100 kg per person per side.


    Safeguards Your Health

    The Posture Rest Pillow Top has a soft knitted fabric top with an anti-allergy layer. If you are vulnerable to experience allergies, the Posture Rest Pillow Top will offer you the first layer of defense. As a result, allergens won't disturb your sleep.


    Spinal Support and Durability

    The Posture Rest Pillow Top has a Bonell spring system with a luxury comfy pillow top foam layer on top of the bed. This enables the mattress to offer back support throughout the night. Posture Rest Pillow Top has extra stronger side support for undisturbed sleep and comfort.

    This bed offers comfort and ease as well as essential spine support. If you like sleeping peacefully, the Posture Rest Pillow Top is the one for you.


    Product Highlights:

    • Estimated Delivery Time 2 to 5 working days.
    • 100kg weight per person.
    • Hygienic & Allergy Free.
    • 1-year guarantee.
    • 10-year service warranty.

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