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    Noble Collection Baron Mattress | Double - 137cm

    R 8,550.00

      The Baron mattress is a foam layered mattress with Memory foam gel & latex. This mattress is designed to give firm support and comfort whilst relieving the pressure on the pressure points. It also offers no partner movement. The Baron is perfect for the customer who seeks a mattress with a firm feel while keeping the spine aligned correctly.

      The Baron Mattress Trusted Qualities.

      • Luxurious comfort layer including Gel memory & latex foam - soft touch.
      • No partner movement.
      • No springs in the mattress
      • Firm edge support.
      • Imported German knitted fabric - quality knitted stretch fabric
      • Zoned heavy-duty foam layer.
      • Suitable for any bedroom.
      • No turn mattress.
      • Firm back and stomach support.
      • 2 Year Guarantee.
      • 15 Year Service Warranty.
      • Weight Limit 150kg+ per person.

      Ideal for the Following Sleeping Styles:

      • Back Sleepers
      • Stomach Sleepers

      Product Highlights:

      • Available in all sizes, as well as standard or extra length
      • Available for Delivery.
      • Estimated Delivery Time 2 to 5 working days.
      • 150+/kg weight per person.
      • Hygienic & Allergy Free.
      • 2-year guarantee.



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