Cloud Nine Chiroflex VX Mattress | Single - 91cm Single Mattress Cloud Nine -Ascot-Beds-And-Furniture

    Cloud Nine Chiroflex VX Mattress | Single - 91cm

    R 7,340.00

      Ultra Firm Sleeping Posture Support Technology

      Micro Quilted, Knitted Jacquard Ticking

      A Soft-Touch micro-quilted fabric guarantees a comfortable and supportive feel. Furthermore, this acts as an effective moisture protector. Additional benefits of the cover are enhanced anti-bacterial properties that improve the lifespan of the mattress.

      High-density buoyant Polyurethane foam layers.

      AKA Memory Foam absorbs the pressure as it hugs the contours of your body in a soft plush feel, promoting good blood circulation and supports proper sleeping posture.

      High density reconstituted foam posture support core.

      The sturdy Posture Support Core corrects your sleeping posture while you sleep to ensure perfect support and no back or joint aches in the morning.

      Zero movement transfer.

      This mattress offers zero movement transfer through Cloud Nine?s advanced posture support structure; This means that you will no longer disturb sleeping partners.

      Allergy Free.

      This mattress is 100% odour free and contains 0 chemicals that cause regular human allergies such as; sneezing or clogged up sinuses.

      Hygienic & Non-Toxic.

      The foam used in every Cloud Nine mattress is made to be completely stable, non-toxic and hygienic.


      Product Highlights:

      • Available in all sizes and extra length
      • Available for Delivery.
      • Estimated Delivery Time 2 to 5 working days.
      • 150kg+ weight per person.
      • Hygienic & Allergy Free.
      • 25-year service warranty.
      • 2-year guarantee.



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