Mattress Sizes

mattress sizes

In this article we will be talking about the different mattress sizes available at Ascot Beds & Furniture, and the beds and mattresses industry. These mattress sizes are standard throughout the industry.

  • 92cm – Single
  • 107cm – Three quarter
  • 137cm – Double
  • 152cm – Queen
  • 183cm – King

Standard mattress sizes are all 188 cm in length , furthermore you have the option to purchase your mattress in extra length sizes which is 2 meters long . When you are in the market for  a new bed or mattress, it would be strongly recommended that you do your homework beforehand. It’s important to take into account that you buy a mattress size based on having a clear answer to.

  • How much space do I have available in the room for a bed?
  • Who will be sleeping on the mattress, and how tall is this person.
  • Do I want space around me (assuming you are sharing a bed with someone) or do I want to snuggle up with the person next to me.
  • What is my budget for the new bed or mattress?

Once you have answers to the above questions, you are now ready to start selecting the best mattress size.

Single mattress sizes are especially a very popular choice when it comes to kids or teenagers. They are also a very popular mattress sizes when it comes to customers having to make the purchase for a guest room. Two single beds combined make a King size mattress. The aforementioned choice assists couples that complain of their partner’s moving too much to eliminate feeling their partner toss and turn.

A three-quarter bed is ideal for young adults and older children. It’s slightly bigger than a single bed and allows more space for the customer’s comfort. Three quarter mattress sizes are very popular for students. Having a desk and chair in your room when considering space available, would make the three quarter a good choice as well.

Another choice is the double mattress size and also a popular for the teenagers to sleep on. Double mattress size gives you 30cm more moving space than a Three quarter mattress size or a single mattress size.

The queen mattress sizes fits perfectly into most standard size main bedrooms in South-Africa. A queen mattress size offers couples enough sleeping space. More people prefer to move over to a Queen mattress size for a peaceful night’s sleep..

King mattress sizes are the largest size available in South-Africa. In most instances every person would much rather own a king mattress size. It’s the mattress size you find at 5 star lodges and in your high end honeymoon suites. You can get lost in a king size bed. A king mattress size is the same size as two single mattress sizes combined, it’s the best mattress size for those who like their space and who have a restless sleeping partner.The fact that there is so much room between you and your sleeping partner helps to eliminate the movement all together.

The first King, Queen mattress sizes were available  in the market in the late 1950s. Two single beds placed together is also an option for people who wants a different mattress comfort feel but still need a King size bed.

The marketing label of King and Queen beds is solidly entrenched in consumers’ minds, and it does conjure up images of regal comfort and style. Throw in the luxurious comfort of memory foam and pillow-top cushions and the modern mattress today is fit for a King and Queen.

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