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beds online

We are busy planning big things for the coming year when it comes to digital and online marketing platforms. More specifically to bringing the showroom to your smart device, consumers will be able to purchase beds online from the comfort of their homes. Consumers have been making their decisions more and more online and this was evident by the 2017 statistic on the value of mobile shopping that reached  an amount of $3.2 trillion. Ascot Beds & Furniture have embarked on the implementation of the online shopping facility as from 2019 because we realize that we as an organization need to keep up with the consumer behavior to also stay relevant in the market. Buying beds online might not always be the first recourse for a consumer to follow as the bed needs to be tested in-store before the consumer ultimately makes a decision on which bed to purchase. We will however be ensuring like we do in-store that consumers are asked the right questions to ultimately ensure that what they receive in the end meets their demands. For those customers who might also have been in-store and tried a certain bed, then decided to give all their options some thought before purchasing the bed, our online purchasing system will make it easier for them to then just finalize the transaction by paying for their beds online instead of having to make the trip all the way back to the store.

Ascot Beds & Furniture have been working on our website from 2017, and we have implemented different things in phases throughout to ensure that we are happy with what’s out there for the consumer to ultimately have the best experience with the Ascot brand. You can currently view our beds online with filters that the user/consumer can adjust according to their needs or preference. It is important to take into consideration that consumers who decide to buy their beds online have to ensure that they are aware of the fact that beds have specifications according to weight and comfort, which is why Ascot Beds & Furniture will ensure a thorough pre-sale questionare to make sure that we send the customer a bed that will meet their demands.

 Ascot Beds & furniture is excited about the steps we are taking to make our beds and furniture ranges available for online purchases. We have for almost 3 decades spent in the industry always believed in the quality of the beds, mattresses and furniture we sell. We are looking forward to the endeavor and encourage consumers to buy yourself an Ascot bed online in 2019, our website is    

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