Bed Prices

bed prices

When buying a bed or new mattress consumers take the approach that looking at bed prices and comparing the bed prices of different retailers is the correct method to make the final choice ultimately. Ascot Beds & Furniture has been advocates of the fact that skimping on what you pay for a bed is not the way to go when you are in the market for a new bed. There are far too many options to choose from on line. Retailers and low cost bed shops are everywhere you look. Ascot Beds & Furniture understand the industry so well, we are by our own admission experts after the 27 years we have spent in the industry. Our advice would be that you should have bed prices as well as quality and comfort in mind first and foremost.

Skimping on the bed price ultimately costs the consumer more in time and frustration because the consumers are often ill informed on many of the technicalities when they purchase the new bed or mattress. Taking only the bed price into consideration many times lead to the consumer purchasing a bed or mattress that’s not suited to their specific requirements and ultimately because of the fact that they were not assisted correctly has to spend more in the end to replace the products that didn’t work as a result of only looking at bed price and not the different things that affects the consumer if the wrong decision is made.

Ascot Beds & Furniture has for the last 27 years been doing what we do best, selling the best quality beds, mattresses and furniture at the lowest prices possible. We stock some of the most reputable brands such as Sealy, Cloud Nine, Rest Assured amongst others. We also stock our own exclusive ranges that consumers can only buy from Ascot Beds & Furniture retail outlets, The perfect Collection and The Noble Collection are our Exclusive to Ascot bed ranges. These bed prices range from R3999 and more, depending on the consumers requirement off course.

In our current economic situation we realize that money and spending ability could sometimes be very limited but when one you are in the market for a new bed or mattress we would always advise that the bed price should not affect or take priority above the bed quality and reputation and service standards of the retailer or dealer used to purchase the bed or mattress from. You will ultimately suffer more negative effects. Try spending a bit more on the bed price ultimately and ensure that you buy what would be suited to your individual requirements. Visit an Ascot Beds & Furniture retail outlet today for the best quality beds at affordable prices.

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