Tesimonial Alberton

Good Day,


Re: Service @ Ascot Lifestyle Centre Alberton – Sale representative Oom Willie


I was shopping for a new bed, my first thought was to shop at the so called known brand shops.

Namely, Dial-a-bed, Furniture City, Bed City, Bed World and many more bed/mattress shops.

Personally as a customer, I needed someone to explain the different textures, different makes & models, soft, gentle firm, firm etc.

I just couldn’t get the right sales person to assist me. Where ever I went it was about selling a name brand and a price.

E.g. a salesman would ask me what type of bed & how much am I willing to pay. Sorry wrong attitude.


I phoned Ascot Alberton yesterday afternoon  the 10th September enquiring about a bed I believed other sales people made a hype of.

I was now looking for a “Forty Winks Panther” queen size bed.

Oom Willie either heard or knows this product.

He mentioned that he doesn’t stock this product, at the same time he assured me he has a product that would meet my needs, both comfort & price wise.

I didn’t hesitate, knowing that this is an experienced sales representative for more than 20 years in his field. This I found out just by speaking to the man.


At 16.00 yesterday afternoon, I was at Oom Willies store (Ascot Alberton). I tried the Simmons which was absolutely fabulous, but a bit too hard for my wife.

The other ranges of Simmons were just a bit too pricey for us.

Oom introduced me to the “Chiro Pocket” which in his opinion was similar to the “Forty Winks Panther”

At this point I mentioned to Oom, I am going to Dial-a-bed to feel the “Forty Winks Panther” and will be back in a few minutes.

Now I’m sure Oom Willie wasn’t sure if I would be back to buy or to object his product.

Without any objection Oom said, you most welcome and offered assistance for the future.


At Dial-a-bed after feeling the “Forty Winks Panther” , I thought why the hype other sales people make over this.

Yes, it is a name brand etc. but to me the “Chiro Pocket”  has a better feel and R3,000.00 cheaper.


I went back to Oom Willie, the “Chiro Pocket” was a done deal.

The ”Forty Winks Panther” I was originally looking for is now known as the “Chiro Pocket”


I would just like to say a big thank you to Oom Willie for the excellent service.

Oom Willie in his humbleness, is an honest, trust worthy sales representative.

All the best to Oom Willie, he is a true example of light for his colleagues.


You already have the right attitude, but need to advertise more (for Oom Willie’s sake)


Much appreciated.




Andre Scholtz

+27 83 370 6883

+27 11 613 7070

+27 11 386 9017