About Ascot Bedding & Furniture


We truly understand the importance of comfort in any home. Initially launching Ascot Bedding and Furniture as a small family business, we have been successful in developing into a multi million rand organization. As family is the heart to every home, we see you as the heart of our business.

With our experience since 1991 we are confident in providing you with a bed that is perfectly matched to your body’s weight, shape, size and lifestyle. As your day does not begin without sleep – we pride ourselves in ensuring that you get the good sleep that you deserve in order to function productively.

Purchasing the correct bed is not a once off affair but rather a lifetime romance. Service excellence from our hand selected staff is evident through their efforts of going the extra mile paying attention to detail in selecting the perfectly matched bed for you.

So, while you focus on getting on with enjoying life leave the rest to us for the best rest of your life!

Apart for our normal retailing environment, the Ascot Group also has a contracting division, which supplies mattresses and furniture to the hotel and guesthouse industries, game lodges and interior decorators

We also export bedding and furniture to the neighboring countries, including Zimbabwe and Botswana. Ascot has, in conjunction with the leading mattress manufacture, designed their own range of mattresses.These products proudly carry the Ascot logo. Mattresses are tested and approved by the highest quality authority in the Country, namely the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS).

Our staff members are professionally trained in customer relations and products specifications and have received wide recognition for service rendered to the satisfied customer.